The three begets all things of the world. All things in the world are interconnected world.-- New Image of VNET Group


VNET Group is committed to providing industry-leading one-stop customized data center solutions for hyper-large clients, and building an infrastructure operation platform with core customization advantages, hyper-scale data center operational capability and high added value. Over the past 25 years, VNET Group has always evolved to meet the needs of the times. At this new starting point, we will continue to make improvement and grow rapidly.


New Image of VNET Group

Data Symbols

With constantly evolving combinations, the data symbol “101010” represents an ever-changing digital world.


Data Connection

The two dots at the beginning and end of the Chinese character connect the whole character, and the point-to-point connection means connecting the whole world. The three dots imply the Chinese traditional philosophical thought--The one consists of two in opposition (the yin and yang); the two begets the three; the three begets all things of the world; and all things in the world are interconnected world. VNET Group will carry forward the quintessence of Chinese culture.


Technology and Future Collaboration

Blue is the tonality of rationality and technology. Under the guidance of Digital China and new infrastructure policies, the next-generation IDC solutions will be based on “cloud native and blockchain native” technologies, and become a neutral, high-performance computing and high energy consuming digital energy integration infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as “double high” new infrastructure), supporting the digital transformation of the country and enterprises.

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