Innovative Debut of Guiyang Gui’an Hyper-Connected Computing Network Project as a Computing Hub of the National Computing Network


Recently, with total investment exceeding RMB 3 billion, the Guiyang Gui'an Hyper-Connected Computing Network Project, which was jointly launched by Guizhou Gui'an Industrial Investment Co., Ltd and Beijing NEOLINK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEOLINK), was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and officially incorporated into the fourth batch of projects supported by China's policy-based and developmental financial instruments. On October 12, 2022, the Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC) granted RMB 300 million of policy-based and developmental financial instruments (funds) to support the construction of Guiyang Gui’an Hyper-Connected Computing Network Project, which serves as Guizhou Hub of the East-data-west-computing Project.

With the implementation of national East-data-west-computing Project, China is actively promoting the construction of hyperscale green IDC projects at eight hub nodes, deploying the next-generation digital infrastructure, and launching the urban computing infrastructure (which is similar to the municipal infrastructure such as water network, power grid, and transportation network) in cities across the country. In this way, China will drive economic growth by increasing direct investment, vigorously support the ecological development of digital economy, optimize and improve the overall structure of national economy.

The innovative debut of Guiyang Gui’an Hyper-Connected Computing Network Project will lead innovations in three aspects throughout the country:

First, the innovative "blockchain-network integration" technical system: It will integrate the underlying network protocols and blockchain with the network infrastructure, promote major breakthroughs in the world's first blockchain-native physical network by leveraging the decentralized 3A (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) technical mechanism, and support the urban computing municipal construction of the "Sharing Economy 2.0" model and the large-scale deployment of secure and reliable digital RMB applications.

Second, the innovative "secondary data" business paradigm: Based on the primary data business of the Internet platform, the "secondary data" theory was innovatively put forward. The hyper-connected urban computing platform can be used to confirm the ownership, circulate and trade secondary data. Therefore, it can transform secondary data into quantifiable digital assets, further release its intrinsic value through financial innovation, and fundamentally achieve leapfrog development in turning secondary data into data resources, assets and capital.

Third, the innovative "secondary development" market model: Based on the hyper-connected urban computing network for municipal governance (primary development), it will further realize super capacity and super high-speed connectivity of IDC nodes and cloud computing nodes, enable individual users and institutional clients to connect the hyper-connected urban computing platform through the "secondary connection", and realize the "secondary development" market model of new digital municipal infrastructure, thereby greatly promoting the large-scale deployment, promotion and application of low-cost and "native security" various businesses based on cloud native architecture.

In July 2022, the delegation led by Hu Zhongxiong, official of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Secretary of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Gui'an New Area, visited to VNET Group, and emphasized that "We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech delivered in his inspection visit to Guizhou Province, firmly grasp the great opportunities brought by the SGF Document No. 2, seize the new opportunities for the development of digital economy, and jointly promote more extensive, deeper, efficient and pragmatic cooperation. He pointed out, “The cooperation on hyper-connected computing network project is of great significance. It conforms to the national digital economy development strategy, and is highly consistent with the big data strategic action of Guizhou Province and the strategy of stimulating market through digital economy proposed by Gui'an New Area, Guiyang City.”

Essentially, hyper-connected infrastructure is the next-generation network information space infrastructure that transcends the Internet and moves towards the metaverse. Based on the concept of “Omnipresent Computing”, relying on the new digital municipal governance with “City as a Computer”, and based on the new digital infrastructure security concept of “Trusted Link, Trusted Computing, and Trusted Storage”, we focus on serving the real economy and strive to make contributions to the construction of digital China with industrial Internet as the core.

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