Data Center Wholesale

Our data center wholesale solution is specially designed for leading cloud service providers and large Internet companies, with the aim to accelerate the deployment of data centers, optimize the interconnection network, and forge a cyberspace infrastructure operation platform with a digital core and hyper-scale data center operational capability to empower future technological innovations.

Data Center Wholesale Solution

The data center wholesale solution is designed for leading network service providers, especially leading public cloud enterprises, providing them with desirable data center construction and technical services, long-term O&M services, and capital resource integration services, so as to build an independent, controllable, safe and reliable data space that can meet the diversified needs of enterprises. By building a large-scale high-end Internet infrastructure platform in China, VNET Group will provide unprecedented data center services for corporate clients with better service system and higher efficiency.

  • Vigorous Support
    Strategic deployment of resources in Tier 1 cities and their surrounding areas gives full play to the dominant advantages in geographical location, transportation, network and talents, thereby meeting the increasing demand for data center wholesale, and providing vigorous support for the digital development of the country and enterprises.
  • Flexible Network Connection
    A wide range of flexible network connection services will enable corporate clients to meet diversified needs, such as secure access to the Internet, distributed deployment of data centers, hybrid cloud networking, and MPLS-VPN.
  • Enhanced Security of Data Centers
    Leveraging many years of experience and advantages in data center operations, and carrying forward the craftsman spirit, we provide professional operation and maintenance management services, improve the security of data centers in an all-round way, advocate green energy conservation, and continuously optimize the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of data centers.
  • 9Covering 9 fields of expertise
  • 5Management of 5 phases
  • 100%Full lifecycle project management
  • 5Multiple cooperation modes, including EPC, BT, BO, BOT and PPP

Design Advantages

Self-owned assets, independent planning, construction and operation.

Adhering to the design concept of building hyper-scale data centers with high availability & security, low energy consumption and low costs, VNET Group starts from the perspective of power supply capacity, and maximizes IT output through standardized load calculation.
We have carefully designed the data center full lifecycle product supply chain system and created a set of standardized data center cost control & management methods. Cost control is integrated into the data center full lifecycle management through large-scale, standardized project cost control and establishment of cost benchmarks.
  • Response time
  • Physical security
    0safety accident
  • Fire protection system
  • Cooling System
  • Power Supply System
Full Lifecycle
Consulting Service

Full Lifecycle Consulting Service Flowchart

  • Planning & consultation
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Verification
  • O&M
  • Optimization
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