Data Centers

With the rapid development of China's digital economy and the implementation of new infrastructure policies, large Internet companies and enterprises have achieved rapid development. Meanwhile, they need quick-deliverable infrastructure that is scalable, cost-effective and flexible to empower their rapid business growth.

VNET Group provides data center wholesale solution for clients in Tier 1 cities in China and their surrounding areas to meet their ever-growing business needs, and leverages systematic end-to-end solutions to adapt to clients’ needs and improve energy efficiency and overall efficiency.
50+Data Centers
4T +Network Port Capacity
    • Convenient transportation, only 18 km away from Beijing Capital Airport
    • Located in the core business area of Beijing, with complete supporting facilities, hotels and supermarkets
    • Strategically located, it is 41 km away from Tian'anmen Square, with easy access to Beijing-Chengde Expressway, Changfu-Jinyushi Expressway and Beijing-Shenyang Expressway
    • Good scalability. The data center industrial park has a spare data center space of nearly 80,000 square meters, which can meet the ever-growing needs of clients for data center wholesale solutions.
    • Complete supporting facilities, such as independent canteens and staff dormitories
    • Fast delivery, well-built plants; fast construction and delivery
    • It is 38 km away from the airport and 6 km away from Yanjiao Railway Station
    • Data center cluster, surrounded by several data centers
    • It is 22 km away from Langfang Railway Station and 4 km away from Beijing-Taiwan Expressway
    • Obvious Internet customer cluster effect, large expansion capacity
    • More competitive price compared with that in Beijing
    • Located in the core area of Shanghai, it enjoys obvious geographic advantages: strategically located in the west of G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor (which runs through nine districts and cities), adjacent to G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway, and less than 30 km away from the center of Shanghai and Hongkou Airport
    • Built in accordance with Uptime Tier III+ standards, it is highly reliable
    • Good scalability. The park is an independent industrial park, which can be expanded according to customer needs
    E-JS Campus 01-02
    • Good scalability for 10,000 high-density cabinets
    • Built in accordance with national Class A standards
    • The park is equipped with independent 110KV substation, with sufficient power
    • Complete supporting facilities, such as independent canteens and staff dormitories
    • It is only 3 km away from Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway and 32 km away from high-speed railway station, enjoys convenient transportation
    • It is in close proximity to the university town, with complete supporting facilities and beautiful environment
    • Built in accordance with national Class A standards

Committed to Sustainable Development

Since its inception, VNET Group has embarked on a sustainable development path and actively shouldered its social responsibility. We believe that our long-term responsibility and commitment to customers, employees and society will lay a solid foundation for our success in the highly competitive and ever-changing market. We spare no efforts to enhance corporate governance, talent cultivation, low-carbon operations, product services, social care and so on, actively respond to national policies and calls, and strive to achieve the UN sustainable development goals.
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