Reliable Products and Services

VNET provides customers with safe and reliable products to ensure the stable operation of data centers. We put customers first, and continuously improve service quality, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Business continuity management

Providing customers with the stable and reliable Internet infrastructure is the core of VNET's business. Therefore, we continuously strengthen our business continuity management and have passed the Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301) certification.

We choose to build our facilities and systems in lowrisk locations and built the redundancy mechanism. In response to a range of incidents (such as natural disasters, power outages or cyber-attacks), VNET has developed emergency action plans and procedures as well as established emergency response guidelines such as the Response System for Sudden-onset Emergencies. These plans and procedures ensure that our key operations can continue during the event of an outage or disaster. We carry out a series of emergency drills, make appropriate adjustments and improvements to the emergency response plan based on the results of the drills, and continuously improve the emergency response capabilities of our team and facilities.

We pay particular attention to the assurance of operational stability under high pressure status. We formulate relevant plans and corresponding work processes, adopts the Battery Monitoring System and Building Automation to monitor the operating parameters and operating status of data centers in real time. In addition, they can diagnose and address faults, ensuring that the data centers can maintain stable operation under abnormal circumstances.

According to the incident management system and emergency response procedures, VNET will protect our employees, customers and partners and minimize the risk to our operations in the event of an emergency. We have established a data backup center to continuously refine our data backup and disaster recovery management work. We will also communicate with customers promptly to ensure that they are kept updated and can activate their business continuity plans when needed.

Relying on years of experience in data center operations and successful practices in ensuring data center business continuity, VNET participated in the preparation of the national standard of Information Technology Service - Grade Evaluation Criteria for Business Continuity of Data Center. This standard can be used to evaluate the business continuity grade of different data centers as well as guide data centers to improve their business continuity management level.

Customer services

VNET provides customers with high-standard pre-sales and after-sales services and focuses on the continuous improvement of service levels. We are committed to achieving zero customer complaints and have taken various measures to improve customer satisfaction. We further refine the service process and improve the level of service response by subdividing customer categories, expanding communication channels, conducting an in-depth analysis of customer needs and optimizing the structure of service personnel.

We carry out two regular national customer satisfaction surveys each year. The number of customers responding to each survey accounts for about 40% of the total number of customers nationwide. We summarize and forward the comments made by customers in the surveys to functional departments and provide feedback on our response to customers immediately after the problems are solved. Satisfaction data is provided to the Group's management in real-time to further supervise and promote the improvement of service quality. This year, VNET received no customer complaints, and maintained 99.85% national customer satisfaction.

In 2022, VNET innovated and implemented a data center service satisfaction survey mechanism, sending real-time satisfaction questionnaires to random customers who have data center service needs on the day. In 2022, the survey results showed that the data center service satisfaction was 100%.

Intellectual property management

VNET keeps exploring new directions of technology, focusing on the timely transformation of innovative achievements. In accordance with the laws and regulations related to intellectual property, such as the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, and the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Group has established a robust intellectual property management system and specified the organizational structure of intellectual property management and the responsibilities of all departments involved.

In 2022, VNET further optimized the management of patents and trademarks through its Intellectual Property Management System, magnified incentives for patent innovation and trademark registration and clarified the process of intellectual property rights application. We are gradually laying out overseas patents, initiate international patent applications for self-developed technologies as per the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and started the first step of the deployment of overseas patents, providing a solid backing for VNET to participate in global market competition.

VNET resolutely safeguards its intellectual property rights and legitimate rights and interests. In addition, we keep track of the patent applications of peers to avoid infringement of other parties' intellectual property rights. When signing contracts with other parties, we meticulously review the terms of intellectual property rights and agree on the ownership of intellectual property rights to avoid intellectual property rights disputes caused by unclear ownership.

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