Products and Services

VNET provides customers with safe and reliable products to continuously improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction while ensuring stable business operations.

Operational safety management

VNET is committed to providing customers with stable and reliable Internet infrastructure, timely identifying and dealing with internal and external risks during business operations, guaranteeing stable business operations.

For site selection, we choose to build our data center in low-risk areas, avoiding areas with major natural geographic risks and mitigating the impact of natural disasters on business operations. We have developed a data center panorama platform to display the layout of the computer rooms and the current status of the cabinets, and provide monitoring and early warning alerts for the available resources of data centers. Combined with the power environment monitoring system and the building automation control system, we conduct real-time monitoring of the data center's operating parameters and status to ensure the stable operation of the data center in both regular and high-load conditions.

To optimize the management and reduce the risks and influence of business interruptions, VNET optimizes the system architecture, upgrades the hardware facilities, and establishes redundant mechanisms to provide redundant configuration of key components or functions. Spare components can be provided and put into use in a timely manner in case of any failure, establishing a second or third line of defense to effectively reduce the risk of interruption. We also add data backup nodes to remotely backup key data while establishing data backup centers, and communicate with customers in a timely manner to uphold the security of customers' and partners' data.

Business continuity guarantee

Based on business impact and risk analysis, VNET has developed detailed and comprehensive emergency response guidelines, and organized drills according to plans to ensure the feasibility of the plans and timely improvement in case of any issues found. We aim to be well-prepared in the face of emergencies (such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, etc.), ensuring that our critical business operations can continue to run or be restored to an acceptable service level in the shortest time possible in the event of disasters or interruptions. For resources such as UPS and air conditioning, we conduct disaster recovery drills at least once every quarter; for server resources, we carry out disaster recovery drills at least semiannually to simulate business recovery tests in case of hardware motherboard damage. We also optimize emergency treatment processes to improve the emergency response capabilities of our teams and facilities. At present, a number of sites involved in our main business have been certified to the Business Continuity Management Systems (ISO 22301).

Product innovation

The innovation of product and technology is the driving force for the development of the Group. In the face of new opportunities in the data era, VNET actively explores new solutions in cloud platforms, cloud services and other fields, innovates product system processes, and promotes the digital transformation of the Chinese market.

Customer services

VNET highly values customer service. To continuously improve the level of customer service, we carry out two regular national customer satisfaction surveys each year, involving topics such as pre-sales and after-sales services, computer room networks, and service attitudes. The survey results enable us to understand our customers' opinions and suggestions in all aspects and allow us to establish a more far-reaching partnership with our customers. To gain a better understanding of our customers' true opinions and requirements of our services and products, we have expanded the scope of customer satisfaction survey respondents this year. We have also provided specialized training for customer service staff to enhance their ability to address problems online, as well as their professionalism and service level. This year, the national customer satisfaction reached 99.81%.

VNET innovatively implemented a data center service satisfaction survey mechanism, sending real-time satisfaction questionnaires in the form of sampling to customers who have data center service needs on the day. If there is any negative feedback, the data center will track and rectify the problem and synchronize it to all data centers nationwide. By the end of 2023, the data center service satisfaction rate was 100%.

Intellectual Property Management

VNET keeps exploring new directions in data center technology, focusing on the timely and effective transformation of innovative achievements. In accordance with the laws and regulations related to intellectual property, such as the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, and the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Group formulated the Intellectual Property Management System, improved the intellectual property management system and specified the organizational structure and the responsibilities of intellectual property management.

We have continuously strengthened our awareness of intellectual property strategy in the Group's development, optimized the management of patents and trademarks, and increased incentives for patent innovation and trademark registration. Combined with the Group's development strategy, we have laid out patents in such technical fields as green energy saving, intelligent operation and maintenance, cloud native, AIGC, etc., to escort the development of the product business, and at the same time, we have foresightedly seized the innovative high ground of cutting-edge technology application in data centers, so as to enhance the competitiveness for the Group's future development. We have initiated international patent applications in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and laid out overseas patents, providing a solid backing for VNET to participate in global market competition.

VNET avoids infringing on others' intellectual property rights while safeguarding its own intellectual property rights. We keep track of the patent applications of peers to avoid infringement of other parties’ intellectual property rights at the product design stage. At the same time, we check and search before declaring intellectual property rights to avoid infringement. When signing contracts with other parties, we meticulously review the terms of intellectual property rights and agree on the ownership of intellectual property rights to avoid intellectual property rights disputes caused by unclear ownership. In 2023, there were no intellectual property infringement cases in the Group.

In order to enhance the internal awareness of intellectual property protection and improve the efficiency of patent applications, VNET invited external lecturers to carry out a total of six intellectual property-related trainings in this year, including the writing of technical submissions.

In 2023,VNET obtained 35 Patents, 40 Software Copyrights, and 50 Trademarks.

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